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Dinner in Savannah │The Olde Pink House

While planning a trip to Savannah, I had asked around for restaurant recommendations and this was the most talked about place. The house drink, the Pink Lady, would be a great choice for those who don’t drink much and don’t like the taste of alcohol because of how sweet it is. I loved their chili pepper-infused Bloody Mary. It was a delicious drink and since Savannah allows you to walk around with an open container just like in the French Quarter, I ordered one to go!

The Olde Pink House │ Savannah History

Dating back to 1771, the original structure was only a quarter of what it is today. One feature of the house was the white paint slathered over the stucco-plaster exterior. Unfortunately, the hot, humid summers caused the white paint to drip off, exposing the pink stucco underneath. They had to reapply a coat of white paint each year that would subsequently dissipate each year in the summer humidity. After sitting vacant for a number of years, the house was converted in 1812 into what would become Georgia’s first bank, Planter’s Bank.

Drinks at The Collins Quarter in Savannah

I’ve become a Bloody Mary connoisseur lately, but I’m still new to the game. I saw the Thumber’s Bunny Mary on the menu which is vodka mixed with a house-made, fresh-pressed carrot-ginger juice, topped off with a pickled vegetable garnish. It’s not your typical Bloody Mary. She told me you have to like carrot quite a bit to enjoy it. I don’t even like carrot cake, but I figured I’d plunge a little deeper in the Bloody Mary game and try something new.