Lavender Lychee Martini at Collins Quarter in Forsyth Park. Savannah, Georgia. February 19, 2021.
Ciara holds up a drink to serve.

After walking by the fountain in Forsyth Park, we knew The Collins Quarter would be a nice place for a refreshment. Tucked off to one side of the park, there’s a little white building that you might not know has a restaurant inside if it weren’t for the tables and umbrellas outside. There’s a small pavilion and stage area on the south side of the building. But as we walked past the fountain in the north side of Forsyth Park, there were so many beautiful oak trees around the paths that I hardly noticed the little white building off to the side. It’s a brunch and bar that closes mid-afternoon each day. It was the perfect spot to stop for drinks as we strolled under the iconic Spanish moss draped over all of Savannah. I had read about Collins Quarter on TripAdvisor, but we didn’t get to try their brunch on this trip. To the bar! We had about an hour before closing and behind the bar was Ciara who was pleasant and quick with the drinks.

Lavender Lychee Martini at Collins Quarter in Forsyth Park.

Lavender Lychee Martini

After asking Ciara’s recommendation between the two drinks I was looking at, she sold me on the Lavender Lychee Martini when she told me about the dried florals sprinkled on top. What a delightful little drink! Lavender is popular in Savannah and there’s even a local lavender shop downtown. The drink is made with a lavender syrup, lychee liqueur, and a local vodka, complete with lime. It was very light and refreshing, and I definitely drank the dried florals on top and it was fabulous!

A light-orange, carrot-ginger bloody Mary drink.
Thumper’s Bloody Mary, a carrot-ginger spin on the traditional drink.

Thumper’s Bloody Mary

I’ve become a Bloody Mary connoisseur lately, but I’m still new to the game. I saw the Thumber’s Bunny Mary on the menu which is vodka mixed with a house-made, fresh-pressed carrot-ginger juice, topped off with a pickled vegetable garnish. It’s not your typical Bloody Mary and I knew I had to ask Ciara about it. She told me you have to like carrot quite a bit to enjoy it. I don’t even like  carrot cake, but I figured I’d plunge a little deeper in the Bloody Mary game and try something new. It was tangy and definitely very carrot-ginger, but a perfectly blended juice! It still tasted fresh and enjoyable and might actually be a better alternative for people who don’t like the standard Bloody Mary. I always enjoy a good, pickled garnish, and this one didn’t disappoint.

But since I enjoyed the first drink so much, I ordered another Lavender Lychee Martini to go. I’m from Louisiana where we walk around the French Quarter of New Orleans with drinks in our hands. The cool thing is that Savannah is the same way where you can walk around with drinks! It felt like home. There is a second location in downtown, but the park is so beautiful! I would choose this place any day. I would love to return to Savannah and try their brunch next time, and a few more of the drinks at Collins Quarter.

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