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Renting a unique car on vacation

We found a site that is like AirBnB for cars. Car owners can rent out their vehicles for a price and can also rent with insurance and other options. I wanted to use Turo again on my solo trip to Los Angeles in 2019. And again, I chose a new convertible – a 2018 Fiat Spider – and it was the smoothest transaction all around. I just hopped on a bus right outside the baggage claim at LAX, which is free to and from the airport. I rode ten minutes down to the last bus stop, as the owner instructed. He came down and gave me some minor instructions. Off I went to drive the Pacific Coast Highway for 4 days!

Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki

In Waikiki, a free hula show is hosted on Kuhio Beach just before sunset. You have to show up early to grab a good seat or bring a selfie stick to extend your camera. But try to be considerate of people around you. There is also a hula show in the plaza. We brought beach chairs and chicken nuggets and enjoyed the sounds of Hawaiian music from the hula show behind us, as the sun was setting on the beach.

The Search for Sea Turtles on the North Shore of O’ahu

As we walk through the trees to the beach, I was growing more sure this was the place. This is where the sea turtles are! We both instinctively sped up our steps and didn’t even stop as we shed our clothes and bags on the beach. We already had our snorkeling gear ready to go and marched straight into the water to swim to the turtles. We swam out separately and began searching the waters for any swimming turtles. We popped our heads up out of the water every now and then to show each other thumbs down, indicating we hadn’t seen anything. Then we’d explore in other spots. We were going farther and farther out and still, nothing. After about 25 minutes, defeated, we gave up and brought it in. Is this the wrong place again? Is it the wrong time of day? Where are the sea turtles?! Show me the sea turtles, man!